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Lasutaku's ADA 60P AND Mini-M (3/30/12 update)

EDIT: (Started off with a nanocube 24, then went on to the 60P, then the addition of the Mini-M)

Hey everyone, just thought I'd share a few pictures and get advice.

Just set this tank up last week (after been just cycling and being generally neglected for over 6 months), so everything still needs to grow in, but you can kind of get the idea.

Pardon the bubbles (note to self, turn off all equipment when taking pictures).

Specs of the tank:

Nanocube 24
150 watt sunpod (6400 bulb)
5 gallon CO2 bottle
milwaukee regulator with solenoid
glass diffuser
aquasoil amazonia II substrate
dosing with PFertz MNPK

Java Moss
Anubius nana petite
2 plants I can't remember the name of, can someone ID them for me?

3 clown killifish
4 scarlet bandis
1 oto
1 bumble bee goby
cheapo feeder/glass shrimp

Some pix

these two plants I have no idea what they're called~

juvi clown killifish, I need to make some kind of cover for my tank because it's open top at the moment...

LOVE these guys

Not a very good picture, but wth

Any advice on scaping would be great!

Thanks for looking!

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