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I'm kinda in limbo with lighting right now. The only thing for sure is I want the power compacts gone as soon as possible. My tanks that have T5HO or MH lighting just seem to have better more controlled growth at a lower wattage level.

Right now in my mind I'm toying with a few ideas that I've been having. I already have a 150W fishneedit fixture (electronic ballast, 8k bulb) running over my 29 gallon riparium. I'm considering bringing that tank down entirely or possibly switching it out with a 20 long. Either way I see myself as having a "spare" 150W MH right now. Easiest thing to do would just be to order a companion and hang them over the breeder. Too much light? Meh I'd like to hope with the height adjustment I could find a sweet spot. Besides the shimmer makes the ladies swoon.
I'm sure 2x70W would be a little better suited. It seems funny being cheap one post below forking out lots of loot for rocks. :P

If nothing else I know fishneedit is expecting delivery of their new model T5HO fixtures soon. I can always keep my fingers crossed on that. Who knows, I'm constantly crawling craigslist/ebay/etc for deals on Tek fixtures. I'm to the point now that I really just want to hang the fixtures on all my tanks. Makes maintenance faster, looks better, and the height adjustment is a huge selling point.
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