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Thanks Nikki/Nick haha!

The stones came from boink in the swap n shop. If I recall we did a little trading action in there somewhere so I really can't remember what I ended up out of pocket since its been a while. Probably somewhere around 150-180 worth with shipping. I still have quite a bit left over that didn't fit in for whatever reason. Coloration a tad off, slightly different texture, or just plain couldn't cram it in there.

Some of the smaller stones around the base will eventually be obscured by plantings but the main reason they are there is to create a plug on some of the points on the slope that I thought would be likely to slide. As I was building things up I tried to be mindful of substrate settling and the inevitability of having to pull stems to replant, both things that can destroy a nice slope with ease. Only time will tell if I managed to shore things up enough.

While we are on the subject of stones... I know its a lot to pay. For so long I've wanted to pony up and buy nice stones but couldn't bring myself to pay $3.99/lb + shipping for rocks sight unseen. It wasn't until boink posted up his packages that I really considered it and got excited about it. For once I could actually see what I was buying and that helped with the sting quite a bit. It also didn't hurt that the timing coincided with a pretty good plant sale I had just done. Nothing like telling your wife "Hey I just spent $200 on rocks". Then you get this look ... follow that up with "well 100% of it was covered from my last plant sale and the face turns to .
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