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About the plants... well when I said I didn't have a plan for the scape these weren't included. I wanted to keep it super simple and limit the main plantings to 3-4 types. Obviously I already had quite a bit of Staurogyne 'repens' from the old tank that is carried over. I also decided to keep our old good friend Blyxa Japonica and a soon to be nice little stand of Crypt 'green gecko'. I probably stuck at least 7-8 daughter nodes back there that were just on the verge of throwing leaves. To top if off in the center I used some Rotala 'goais' that I've had floating in the ferns of the old scape for some time... so much time in fact that I'd almost forgotten they were there until I pulled the mass out during the tear down. Only thing else going on in there are some smatterings of mini-pellia and fissidens tied to small chunks of seiryu.

As I was saying before its still recovering just a bit from a bacterial bloom so the pics are a tad hazy. If I waited another 24-36 hours it would probably be totally gone but I snapped some pics anyway.

I've already gotten a few great suggestions on the hardscape (thanks!) but for the moment I'm just going to let things ride until the tank can settle back in a bit. The massive upheaval of sifting/drying the soil, lightly bleaching the tank, and a solid filter cleaning with pad replacements surely has it in for at least a mini-cycle.

So on to the pics... they may take a bit or a refresh to load. Considering changing hosts soon. :-/
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And before anyone asks I'm paying homage to one of my favorite scapers on the forums by formatting my posts in this thread in a similar way. I've always enjoyed UG's journals and it just makes the thread seem cleaner, albeit a bit harder to manage a quick post.
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