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So it's been awhile since I've written anything. So far so good, I made the mistake of not being careful in replacing the water in the tank (I don't have any plants in my cichlid tank) and a lot of the plants came up, so I had to replant them last night. I am going to be getting some fish this week, LFS had some Leopard Danios that i might get, I'd like those Galaxy Rasbora's but they are expensive online and haven't seen any in LFS. I am finding that plant clippings are clogging my power filter. Does anyone have any suggestions so that it doesn't get clogged? Some of my plants are melting (which I expected) but I'm hoping to put together my DIY CO2 this week and hopefully along with some root tabs this tank will take off. I've currently got the light on 12 hours a day.
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