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trenac: I thought that having a bio wheel in a heavily planted tank was a bad thing? But I'm not sure. I have a Eclipse 6 with a one real plant, 1 betta, 2 ADFs. It's a great tank though.

Piscesgirl: I don't want a filteration system because the pet store I went to had one with nothing. I am going to get one now since everyone suggested so . I will only have shrimp in the tank
And Errrr. Sorry guess I feel very noob what what a sponge filter?

co2: I thought that algae outbreaks would be good for shrimp? Or is it something more serious?
I am going to get a heater.

Thank you all for your input I'm going to get sometime next week I think.

Also I cannot find any small heaters (50 watt is the smallest I've seen).

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