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Lara's 12 gallon long 'Tango'--new pic 2/9

New tank! This will be replacing my saltwater tank that I didn't enjoy as much as I had hoped. I guess I'm just a freshwater girl

Here's the plan

Mr. Aqua 12 long

Coralife T5NO fixture--42 watts

Pressurized CO2 with Hagen mini Elite as a diffuser

EI dosing



Apistograma trifasciata trio

I just decided on an eheim 2213 for the filter. I'm going to put the intake on one side of the tank and the spraybar (cut to fit) on the other side of the tank. I hope there won't be a lack of flow.

The tank will be arriving Tuesday, so I'll start taking pictures then. Stay tuned for that

My two important decisions to make are about a dither fish for the tank and the 'scape! For dither fish, i was thinking of dwarf cories and maybe some boraras. I know this is only 12 gallons though and I'm afraid that I'm maxed out stockwise with just the apistos.

For the 'scape...I just don't know what to do with this super long tank! It's an awesome tank, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I'm considering UG as a carpet. I definitely need to create hiding places for the apistos though, so I don't want to do an Iwagumi-style tank.

I'm open to ideas and suggestions!

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