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Originally Posted by sammyman View Post
I am looking into lighting for my Edge and wanted to know what you think for HC requirements and my edge setup. I think these are the 3 ways I may go:

1. 2 x MR11 LED lights + 10W Coralife Mini Bulb

2. 2 x MR16 LED lights (hack) + 10W Coralife Mini Bulb

3. Take the parts from a Catalina 8in 13W 2 BULB COMPACT LIGHTHOUSE HOOD and fit them into my hood somehow.

Which will be sufficient for growing HC?

Also what do you recommend for a nightlight (blue led setup).

From reading around here on the forums, HC needs lots of light especially for growth. A lot of people here have used way more light than they need and they get great growth followed by lots of algae. I think it is a issue with patience. Slow growth is better.

Option 2 ought to be good enough, though it might be a slow growth. Option 3 would be great, but you will probably have an algae problem at some point.
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