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My niece that use to live with me, had newts. Those guys are escape artist, I swear.
I've had an escape before, so now I have 2 holes drilled for the filter intake/outflow. I swear they are intelligent. They actually dry themselves off and dip their feet in the water to climb.

Nice! Really nice wood too! That's all one piece? You should probably sell it to me..
I bought mine for $35.99! Expensive piece, but it was the best one at the shop.


April 30, 2010

So I checked up on the newts and they seem to be good. Two are out of water and on the branches, and the rest are submerged and swimming around.

I wanted to promote natural foraging behavior and muscular growth, so I'm happy with a lengthy tank (wouldn't mind an even longer and wider tank now). Some of these guys have been in a very tiny enclosure (about 1 foot by 1 foot) at the pet store.

I'm trying to get em to have babies!
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