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My new 20 Gallon Long "Paludarium/Riparium??" inspired by !Shadow

tank : Aquarium Masters 20-gallon long
substrate : ADA Sarawak Sand
filter : Zoomed 501 + small sponge filter + air-pump
hardscape : 1 Redmoor Branch
fauna : 9 Cynops Orientalis (Fire Belly Newts)
flora : Bolbitis, Mini Java Fern, Water Spangles (From my 20-gallon tall)
lighting : Coralife 2-strip 1 T5NO 10k, and 1 actinic (going to get rid of both bulbs eventually and just get some normal T5NO lights)
inspiration : Shadow's octopus branches!

May 3rd, 2010

Just wanted to share some photos of the latest plant additions : more java fern and bolbitis + some smaller rocks.

Also decided I hate this lighting (it came with the fixture). I'm going out and getting 2 30-inch 6500K T5NO today. Anyone want one 10K bulb and one actinic bulb, both T5NO for free? :O

I ordered some nano-trellis rafts + riparium cups from Riparium Supply. I don't know what to put in the cups, but I know I want bolbitis on the rafts. I am open to suggestions and advice about emmersed plants.

Full tank shot.

Spray-bar + small penn-plax (basically a plastic box with a sponge and some charcoal) hooked up to an air pump. It creates a small current and filters out some additional funk.. The newts are really messy.

Too many?

Forgot one...

I still have that 60-F to setup. It's going to be heavily planted, possibly with pressurized CO2, definitely with emmersed plants.

April 30, 2010

I just setup a 20 gallon tall paludarium. I have this love for fire-bellied newts, so I wanted to create a haven for them. I have 9 of them in this 20 gallon long, and so far they seem to be ok.

This is officially my fourth planted freshwater aquarium. I love this hobby, too bad it's making me broke :P

Here are pictures :

I skipped the "I am filling my tank with sand... I am filling my tank with water..." portion, and went straight to the full tank shot. Obviously the tank isn't finished yet, but I do plan to pack it full of java fern / bolbitis / java moss, while creating some more terrestrial areas. (Can you spot all the newts?)

From the front view. I began filling this tank 2/3rds of the way, thinking about ratios and gold and what not, but decided it looked pretty good and stopped it there. Eventually I might plan to do a half-black background, but I'm digging the no-background look.

A close-up Such cute little creatures...

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