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Those sound like some beautiful plants!

I've actually used seltzer water a few times in my planted tanks, to give the tank a "burst" of CO2 when I add new plants, for instance. Just make sure it's not mineral water, just plain CO2-injected water.

Even if the fluorescent bulbs do get splashed, if they aren't too hot, they should be ok. I like to go with a full glass cover anyway just to curb evaporation and evaporative gas exchange. I like to let the plants do the O2 provision instead.

The Dupla drops can be added once weekly now. As long as they contain no organics, they'll just set up a good mineral base of micronutrients for the plants in the future. Whatever the plants don't use will be absorbed by the porous substrate or filter. You should definitely wait at least 2-4 weeks to add any organics or macronutrients such as N-P-K.
Although it is a bit early for the tablets in the gravel, at least they are contained therein and not in the water column, where they would be sure to wreak havoc with an algae bloom.

I also concur about waiting for algae to appear before adding an algae crew. I made the mistake of buying a GORGEOUS Zebra pleco when I first set up this planted tank, and without any algae to eat, the poor guy starved to death.

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