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Originally Posted by born2lovefish View Post
Excellent write up! I am going to put a link on my personal website to this posting for help with Co2, if you do not mind.
Not at all; as long as you link directly here and do not copy and paste it onto your website, I am OK with that.

Originally Posted by houseofcards View Post
Your very first post your list essential components:

1) A CO2 cylinder
2) Regulator
3) Needle valve/metering

but you need a fourth in order for it to flow logically

4) Dissolution method (i.e. diffuser, reactor,etc.)
Is there any way that I can insert a post in between posts?

Originally Posted by alym View Post
This article is just fantastic, and I think I will definitely link to it in the next few days
Again, as long as you link to this thread and do not copy and paste, then I am fine with that.


A Primer to Pressurized CO2 and A Primer to Planted Tanks
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