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Useful Glossary of Terms

If you can think of any more, let me know!

Bubble Counter:
A piece of equipment that allows you to determine the flow rate of your CO2 in "bubbles per second". Optional. Can be made DIY or bought commercially.

CO2: Carbon dioxide. Plants require carbon in order to grow, and carbon dioxide is provided as a carbon source.

Delivery Pressure:
Also known as the working pressure. This is the pressure that is indicated by the low pressure gauge. Standard delivery pressures vary from 5 - 20 PSI.

Drop checker: A piece of equipment that will help determine whether optimal levels of CO2 are being reached. Optional. Can be made DIY or bought commercially.

Dual gauge: A regulator that has two pressure gauges (two manometers). One pressure gauge will indicate the pressure in the CO2 tank, while the other gauge will indicate the delivery pressure.

Dual stage: A regulator that has two stages of pressure regulation. c.f. single gauge and single stage.

End of tank dump: A phenomenon whereby the remainder of a nearly empty CO2 tank will empty its contents into the aquarium.

Metering valve: See needle valve.

Needle valve: A piece of equipment that further drops the delivery pressure so that even finer control of CO2 flow can be achieved.

pH controller: A piece of equipment that will measure your aquarium water pH and inject/stop injecting CO2 as the pH rises above a set point/drops below a set point, respectively. Optional. Requires a solenoid.

Regulator: A piece of equipment that drops the CO2 tank pressure to a much lower delivery pressure.

Single gauge: Refers to a regulator with only one pressure gauge (manometer). Will indicate the delivery pressure.

Single stage: A regulator that only contains one stage of pressure control. c.f. single gauge and dual stage.

Solenoid: An electronic switch that will open/close depending on whether electricity is flowing or not. Will allow you to put your CO2 onto a timer, so that you can turn it on/off automatically. Is required when using a pH controller.

Working Pressure: See Delivery Pressure


A Primer to Pressurized CO2 and A Primer to Planted Tanks
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