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Yes, it is looking good! I think the pinkish stem plant is rotala macranda with micrnatem umbrosum and limnophila auatica. The pink plant is starting to put on new, even darker growth, the green ferny plant is greener and the tiny bulb of water lilly I stole from the pond has a new leaf begun. The only strange part is the strong seltzer smell, I can't help but think of pouring a scotch for my dad. I do hope that it is OK for fish, it SAYS it is.

The hardware store guy said that instead of adding a glass cover between the bulbs and the water, he thought I should just put a small barrier to protect the ballast and screw-in part of the bulbs, he wasn't worried about any water hittng the flourescent bulbs. Is that OK?

So, how long should I go before I start adding these Dupla24 drops? Below the flourite I put some broken pond plant fertilizer tablets. I think I recall on the Amano site that he recommends waiting some time, 2 weeks, to let the plants get going, then adding the algae crew after the algae appears. I'll go locate that site again, do you concurr?
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