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I stopped by Aquarium Depot for some plants on 4.18.10 and had quite a pleasant experience. It was my first time in the store so I wandered around the equipment side for 30 minutes. They had a nice selection of tanks and tank equipment. Much better than Petsmart or Petco. Two sales people were working the floor so I didn't have to wait to be helped. I don't know a whole lot about ferts, but they did seem to have a full line of Seachem products including Excel which i can't find at Petco or Petsmart. Saw some other brands of ferts as well. All kinds of rocks, a large variety of substrates, and driftwood were present.

The Fish Room blew me away with at least 250 tanks of FW and Marine fish. The info cards on every tank was extremely detailed and clear. Not once did I feel the need to pull out my iPhone and Google a species like I have to do constantly in Petco/Petsmart. According to Tom, my sales guy, the tanks were low in stock, but IMO there was still a huge variety of healthy looking fish in all of the FW tanks. I might have seen maybe one dead fish in a tank. Everything else was immaculate. The plant aisle was humongous for someone who is used to one measly plant tank in Petco/Petsmart. I'd estimate there are at least 40 tanks with plants in them? I went specifically looking for low light plants and was ready to buy whatever they had in stock. To my surprise I was actually able to choose from a fairly wide variety of low light plants. Tom was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We talked for over an hour. He walked me through every plant option and help me put together a nice plant package for my low tech 55 gallon tank. I spent about $20 on plants and was able to get some rotala indica, crypt spirallis, java moss, water sprite, bacopa caroluniana, sublata, dwarf lilly, assorted small crypts, and some anubias nana. I also picked up two Sterbai corydoras to go with my emerald corydoras.

All in all it was a great shopping experience for a newb to the planted tank world. I asked Tom a million questions and he was able to answer them. I even asked him stuff I knew the answers to from reading this forum and he was right on the money. Needless to say I will be visiting Aquarium Depot again. If it weren't an hour away I'd be there even more.

All of the staff seemed knowledgeable, but ask for Tom! He's a great guy and knows his stuff.

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