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Originally Posted by mistergreen View Post
Yeah, I know. That's why I said 'a bit safer'.. But there are no studies on it.. Honestly, I've stopped using excel.

Actually it is known, I saw the name of it but it's so long, I've forgotten it.. Something like iso.....glutataldehyde.... But as you said, it's still under the patent procedure so they can't release their method for making this compound.
Aqueous solution of polycycloglutaracetal
This is a proprietary name from Seachem. You will find no other reference to it from any other source. Seachem will not say what it is. It just so happens that the MSDS for it is identical to other diluted Glutataldehyde products. Actually, Seachems is often worded STRONGER than others.

There is no patent. There is no patent procedure. Seachem freely admits they do not have a patent. They formerly said they were in the process of patenting it, they no longer do. This was around 2001.

It's not pure glutaradehyde but it doesn't mean it's safe. There are scientific papers on the negative effects of it in the environment, water notably.
Used properly it is safe. The MSDS for these both prove that. Used irresponsibly without proper personal protection, it is dangerous after long term usage. Saying something is not safe in a blanket statement like this is very misleading.

How about this statement... Potassium Nitrate is not safe. No qualifiers. Nothing.

There are scientific studies on Pure Glutaradehyde, yes.
Either way, use excel or metricide at your discretion.

I just think it is silly for people to keep arguing that Excel is somehow safer than products like Metricide. The risk of Reactive Asthma from the use of Metricide is DIRECTLY linked to the aerosolized long term usage of Metricide. Not pouring it once daily or every couple of days. I have used this chemical in a responsible manor for 7 years with no adverse reactions. Use anything in a manor other than directed and it can be dangerous.
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