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Well, winter's gone, so I started work again.

I'm working on the filter system before I add fish and landscape it, everything in the pics will be hidden eventually but getting the water flow right now is much easier without landscaping in the way. Few pic's of what's been done.

Drained the pond cleaned a bit and refilled it. nice and clear right now, see right to the bottom.

Filtering plans changed a bit. I tested gravity return with 2" flex pvc return from 55G barrel and flow was crap. Not enough head height to get good flow. I decided I would bottom feed the barrel with 1.5" and then let it gravity return into 60G preformed water fall return. You can see barrel at the top and black preformed with spillway that dumps into the waterfall collecting basin.

I decided to go with dual pressurized and unpressurized solution so I took the 1.5" pump flex pvc and split it into 2 (planning on 3rd split later if I need it) one feed goes to pressurized filter with 9 watt UV that I can turn on. This should help filter out suspended stuff. the other split goes up the hill to the barrel filter that feeds the water fall. I can control the flow to each split with ball valve's inline. Very easy to put more through the pressurized or vice versa.

I'm thinking the barrel filter with scrubby pads and 60G pre-formed will quilt batting will be biological filter and have slower turn rate pushed through it.

top of barrel

top of 60G return with spill way

picture from first pond showing where the 2nd pond is located. kinda thinkg I went pond crazy last year but should look good once it's all landscaped and has fish in both ponds. My first pond overwintered very well all fish survived under the ice just fine.

Next step is likely add fish and place order for $$$ flagstone to get delivered.

Planning on adding floating skimmer and pump on a timer to keep stuff off the bottom, add better pre-filter to the pump. possible upgrade 2500GPH pump to 3600GPH.

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