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Started planting it this eve. I am not anywhere near the final plants. I wanted to get some of my quick growing stems in there to help eat up any ferts in the water column to keep the algae at bay. So I added several stems of Egeria najas, a few clippings of my Creeping Jenny and my Red Ludwiga, both of which will be permanent in this tank, with final placement to be decided later. I also picked up a couple small Anubias nana tonight to glue to the driftwood. I have not done so yet... well due to the fact that the water is cloudy from disturbing the substrate while refilling after a quick water change lol. I plan to add more pictures late this weekend, they might be nice to look at, or well... plain depending on what my trips to a couple of the aquarium stores that carry plants yield. One trip today did not bring much luck, except the owner told me that next friday they will be receiving their usual plant shipment, and that I should get in sat. morning right after they open to get the best pick.

I would like to go with the water shamrock carpet, but I am having a hard time finding any of it in the local stores, and shipping costs eat me alive whenever I do an order. So I might go with something else.
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