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Originally Posted by toddg View Post
Anyone have comments or updated lists for LFS in Vegas? I started checking out what I could find this week looking for small plants and shrimp:

Atlantis - Lots of tanks and fish. I went to this store two weeks ago before I knew what I was looking for, but I don't recall them having anything 'small'. Lots of salt water stuff and lots of larger size fish. They were busy at the time and I didn't have time to talk with them about selection.

F.I.S.H. - Lots of fish, one tank with live plants. No shrimp.
Lucky Fin - Lots of salt water tanks/fish. No freshwater plants. No shrimp. They did have the Fluorish Excel in stock which I picked up. A lot more expensive then online, but I'll always try and support local shops that have stuff in stock.

Petsmart/Petco: Vary by location. Haven't gotten to the one at Spring Mtn/Rainbow yet (mentioned in earlier thread). Ghost shrimp at a few locations.

I'll check out Reef Jungle and Trop-Aquarium later this week.

Interesting that many of the small shops in town don't have any type of web site. We don't even have a phone book around, so if I can't find it indexed online, I won't find you! I can see not having online shopping, but it costs almost nothing to get a domain and a single web page up and going.
Lucky is my favorite of any LFS in Vegas (I know the shop is kinda cramped), they will always special order stuff for me, and alot of the time the next day it too.

I like the petland off of sunset in henderson, Only place iv'e ever seen carry gold rams, but the employees are harrassing there
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