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Originally Posted by bigpow
err, maybe I'm wrong, but are those Java Ferns as foreground plants?
I thought Java Ferns would grow best tied to wood or rock...

Yeah, thats an old pic. I transfered 3 of the java ferns into the 29gal and just left two java ferns on the sides toward the back. The front now has small mini sword type plants (looks almost like grass). I leave the lights on both tanks onfor about 12 hours, and have only had a few specks of algae in the 6 gal. Algae in the 29 is no where to be seen.

I'm still looking for some type of xmas or erect moss to attach to the rocks in the corner of the 29g, but have had no luck. I have seen some java moss but the tank was infested with snails and i really don't like the look of it. Any online suggestions on were i could find xmas or erect moss shipped to my door?
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