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IMHO: things might go okay for awhile, but it sound precarious in terms of tank health. Remember, with gravel and plants and equipment, a 5.5 g tank might end up being only 4.5 g or so (but I like a thick layer of gravel/ couple of larger rocks in mine).

From my experience, 'regular' cories can get up to three inches each and beyond for some (bronze). Then your list got longer and no specific head count (more fish and frogs); so starts to sound like a lot when number of fish suggested is generally so small for a nano tank.

As always with Nano tanks:the general recommendations to follow are excellent filtration, water movement,and regular partial water changes. And few fish, with friendly habits. One thing to consider: if you think you might not be on top of the tank care, then I really recommend as few fish/amphibious creatures as possible.

I do have a friend who has had two frogs and snails in a 3 gallon, and they have been fine for almost two years.

Good luck on the new tank set up

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