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Originally Posted by Fat Guy View Post
great job. They look great.
Originally Posted by fjc973 View Post
real nice .
Originally Posted by dacrax07 View Post
I love the anubias tank!
thank you all, i appreciate the comments.

Originally Posted by garuf View Post
Very nice.
Just a quick question, are you injecting co2 in the 64l? I spy a drop checker but no diffuser.
i uses a vortex reactor and DIY CO2 on that one. i took it out before taking photo.

and then after that i bought this really nice max mix reactor, can be plugged at canister filter's output so it doesn't take up space inside the tank.

Originally Posted by queensalmon View Post
You - my friend - are NOT stuck with the same themes or styles. Your tanks are interesting and neat to look at. Thank you for sharing...

i really tried to be different for each tank / every rescape. tryin new stuff and i guess boredom was another factor.

Originally Posted by Darkblade48 View Post
In your 70L tank, how did you manage to keep the goldfish from not nibbling on the plants?
you have to choose plants with harder leaves. as you can see what i had there :
anubias, java fern, vallisneria, amazon sword, bacopa, tenellus. had problems with those goldfish tearing the lily's leaves and digging tenellus. others were fine.
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