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Originally Posted by dana1370 View Post
Very sad creative aquatics went under, not sure how The Fish Doctor will be. Smaller store and everything still seems such a mess.
I am hoping Pet smart can pick up some different plants though, I have always been treated so nice there hate to go else where anymore

Yeah it was unfortunate. I used to go in there every month or so to see if they had any interesting FW, and also to drool over their SW. Once I upgrade my planted tank and get it stabilized I'm going for a reef tank as well. The staff were so nice. From my understanding though it didn't really have a negative effect on them though as they parted ways with the store because it was interfering with their full time jobs, not that they were forced out of business or anything. I've just heard that through the grapevine though, and I'd prefer to think it's true over the alternative, yanno?

But thanks I don't know if I've ever personally spoken to you, but it's good to hear my store is treating you well.

We're trying to expand our plant selection, but being supplied by a corporate distributor, we in the store don't have much say. We did recently add marimo and anubias on lava rock to our collection so it's nice to see we're expanding a bit. We also have java ferns in the tubes now. I think it will be a while before we have a really nice selection. For now our potted plants are hit-or-miss each week, and some stay in so long that they just die off because we don't have a system to support them.

I'll tell you what though, i've found a lot of nice plants at E&L. I'm not big on their fish, but I couldn't tell you how many plants in my tank are from there. That always have something fun and different.
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