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2 Gallon Fish Bowl w/ Java Plants

Just wanting to share & get some comments/suggestions.

This is a 2Gal bowl. No filtration, no heat, no lighting. Doesn't get any more simple, right?

Flora: Java Moss (attached to driftwood) and Java Fern
Fauna: A lone White Cloud Minnow. He was a transplant from a larger tank that has since crashed and been taken down. He was the only survivor from the crash and he's been seemingly content in this bowl for 6 months or so. I know his species it tolerant to room temperature and below. I guess they like flow, which of course he doesn't really get in this home

I want to add some Red Cherry Shrimps and maybe a snail or two.

No substrate as of right now. My weekly maintenance routine is a 50% water change.

Every few weeks or so, I put the syphoned water in a 1 gal bucket and store the plants/dirftwood/fish in it while I take the bowl out and do a thorough rinse to remove any trace gunk, fill it up to 50% with room temp tap water, then re-add the plants, driftwood/fish/old water.

Please Note the pearling is from a water change and is not the "true" pearling.

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