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Originally Posted by lauraleellbp View Post
Hey- you neglected to mention what FISH are going in the tank?

I'm not sure yet. There are lots of options, obviously, but I like my tiny little inverts too much to have fish that'll outright eat the adults. I'm ok with a few crystal red babies being picked off here and there, but I can't have anything large enough to mutilate my amano shrimp. Hence, it'll most likely be a rather large school of something rather small. I've always been a fan of rummynose.

The purpose of the scape in the planted side will be forced perspective. (google that because I'm not a design or art major and cannot explain it) Hence, I'll need very small fauna regardless. I've seen very few aquascapes that take advantage of a forced perspective style setup, and even fewer that actually pulled it off well. (I have no delusions of being one of those lucky few, but I'm gonna try lol)

Everything from the hardscape to the fish/inverts to the different species of plants in regards to leaf size and texture will be chosen specifically for their purpose in regards to forced perspective. (basically, it'll be completely backwards from what we normally do with plants; I.E. larger leaves in front, and tiny plants way in the back)
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