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120planted+120reef in progress Beginning build pics 03/30/10

In the process of building a dual in wall setup.

120g reef
2x250w Mogul base Mh w/ t5ho supplementation
sumps, blah blah blah

120g planted tank
4x54w T5HO lighting
sump (naughty word?)
20lb Co2 tank (deciding between inline reactor and misting into the tank)
EI ferts
most likely going to be MTS w/ river sand/gravel top and petrified wood scape (definitely not final)
plants I know I'll have: B. Japonica, Downoi, some low lying grass-type ground cover, Limno Aromatica, at least one rotala (indica?), always wanted to include a blood red tiger lotus in a scape, but we'll see if it fits

Both tanks will be controlled with an APEX controller. (getting an extra Ph/temp module for the planted tank)

Drilling tanks.... (don't have beer around most of the time so protocol will have to be Dr. Pepper in this build)

aaaand the destruction of a wall...

and the stands done (one painted) and in place.

What has two thumbs and likes having his stands done?


Breaking the Dr. Pepper protocol for this snapshot.

This is sitting waiting to show me its awesome power!

I have lots more pictures, but they're on the laptop that's on the fritz at the moment, so they'll have to wait.
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