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In order of preference: Aquarium Depot, Exotic Aquatic, House of Tropicals.

Aquarium Depot:
  • The employees are very knowledgeable and attentive to your conversation. I was asked multiple times if I needed assistance by other employees.
  • Fish selection is great.
  • What I really liked was the very detailed labeling they have on their tanks for plants and fish regarding max sizes, breeding habits, schooling size recommendations.
  • They have a knack for plants, an entire isle is dedicated to it in their fish room.
  • The planted tanks they have are worth a visit alone.
  • Fish are lively and healthy, I rarely see sick fish here. (I would like to ask about their QT process on my next visit, just out of curiosity.)

  • Here was the first time I seen "Tattooed Mollies". It's disgusting and I wish they would not support such practices that are harmful to fish. They were tattooed with stripes, hearts, and the word "love".

Exotic Aquatics:
  • Clean store. It shows by the way they stock isles, to the aquariums. Very tidy.
  • Plenty of room in fish isles, so you aren't squeezing by other people in the store.
  • Although I'm not a marine guy, their saltwater collection looks to be the best I have seen.
  • Seems to be hit or miss as far as knowledgeable employees.
  • Large selection of foods.

  • Parking can be a pain sometimes because it shares a lot with major retailers.
  • Unless you hunt down help you are usually on your own.
  • Limited selection of fish tanks for sale (maybe they are ordered when you buy? I don't know, didn't ask)

House of Tropicals:
  • Large selection of marine & fw fish.
  • Brackish section is nice.
  • The girls running the register are always nice and welcoming.
  • I enjoy "Tiny Tawanda" a True Giant Gourami as soon as you enter the store. SHES HUGE!! Hold your finger against the glass, she will kiss it.

  • The staff in the fish dept. are of no help. You better do all your research and know exactly what you are looking for. I have only encountered 1 person I can trust for information and he is usually not working, maybe a part timer.
  • There is always dead fish in the tanks, I usually see one guy holding a net and that's all he does is constantly collect corpses.
  • Again, don't ask questions. You would be better off asking the 8 year old child buying his first fish about your inquiries regarding fish.
  • The isles are a disaster, especially the area for lighting. It really shows the laziness of the employees.
  • You will have to break up the employees pow-wows when you are ready to buy a fish. They are usually holding vulgar discussions among each other rather then helping customers.
  • You will feel rushed when they are helping you. "What else?" "Is that it"
  • Plants are horrible, they are stuffed down on the floor tanks with insignificant lighting. They should just remove all plants from their store. Even the plants in the display tank are "ehhh".
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