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So I'm using to get some simple metrics on my sig clicking and amazingly someone clicked on my sig in this thread so I thought it deserved an update!

The website is currently being overhauled and if you have taken a look recently you probably noticed. I'm working on streamlining everything and making it as simple as possible no stupid $19.95 prices, no complicated shipping, simple simple simple. I'm also fixing some problems I've had with the site when viewed from IE especially the top navigation bar, I just redid that completely and it should be all set now for all browsers.

I also implemented a simple paypal shopping cart (getting the simple theme yet?) to make purchasing simpler.

Right now I'm expanding my growing capacity for flora and going to be focusing on moss mostly. You may have noticed my thread in the lounge about trading sŁŖwassertang for other mosses, if you're interested let me know

I'm also really focusing hard this coming 4 weeks on upping the stock of dry goods like tools, hardscape materials, ferts, and other fun stuff of that nature. Nothing that I wouldn't use or at a price I wouldn't pay, which at times is difficult but fun none the less.

Future plans website related is to fix the blog. I'm probably going to do a wordpress blog with a very similar custom theme.

A while ago I wrote a business plan (The night before a contest for DECA came in third) for rumfordaquatics and never went back to revise and improve it. Since I'm going off to college in the fall and am going to apply for seed money and incubator space and whatnot I'm also in the revision process of this.

Lastly, in the future, I'm looking to provide some interesting products that no other aquarium company has really produced. Should be interesting

So feel free to check out the site, provide some feedback, join the facebook page, follow RA on twitter @rumfordaquatics, and if you have a product or know of someone who has a product that I should carry please let me know! (I'm talking about more hobbyist made products, not like Rena or ADA at the moment)

In other news, I was recently profiled for a book on young entrepreneurs that is most likely going to be published soon, which is just a cool thing to be able to say

Thanks everyone, soon I hope to be making enough money to become a sponsor here and elsewhere and maybe go to the AGA convention as a sponsor. How awesome would that be?

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