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12 Gallon Nano Cube (56K) Added Pics 4/26/10

April 26, 2010

It has been approximately one month and one week since I planted this tank. It has been maintained in the background in addition to my other 20-gallon tall. I didn't actually expect it to do this well. I add CO2 with DIY CO2 and some flourish excel. Some of the plants are: baby tears, crypt parvas, glosso, dwarf hairgrass (in the back, can't really see them), red myrios, hygrophila kompakt.

Here's a front view...

Front view close-up. The baby tears seem to be doing well without any pressurized CO2.

Ideally it would fill in and not look so messy...

The other side view. This algae shark loves the camera, not that it has anywhere to go. This tank is kinda small. It's hard to believe my other tank is only 8 gallons more.

Full tank shot. Damnit! I just noticed some blockage on the intake

March 18, 2010

I have had this nanocube for 2 years now. Decided it needs to be cleaned and replanted.

A little preparation shot. This is my third tank planting, and this ritual is becoming more and more elaborate each time. I cleaned out this nanocube's light canopy cooling fans, and scrubbed it until it was practically new.

I decided to settle with this. I don't know if it looks good, but at least things will be settled when I pour water in.

Clear water in several hours. The filter on the nanocube is a beast.

I seem to always move things around later. I'll probably just wait for it to carpet. I'm going excel and yeast reactor with this tank.

My other tank is doing great with excel and a yeast reactor (20 gallon tall).

I will post pics of that one soon. I also have some ADA minis that I'm going to replant (my amphibians do much better in large tupperwares that are easy to clean and have a large bottom surface area, so I took them out of my ADA minis).

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