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Originally Posted by jmowbray View Post
I'm not a pimp yet but I have a question and didn't want to start a new thread.

Can someone tell me what filter media they use in each basket, and wether or not you cut it to fit. I see quite a few people talking about reusable filters; I'm new to the whole canister thing and have only had HOB filters. Can someone please tell me what brand of reusable filter pads they use. I know that you use bio-balls, rings,etc. an filter floss, but what else would I need?

Also what are green pot scrubbies are?

not all are green u can buy 6 for a dollar at most dollar stores.

another cheap and good media is quilt batting they sell it in rolls at walmart, make sure you get one that has not anti bacteria or such they say on the package if they do.

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