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Shadow's 32g ADA rimless tank "Passion" update:1/21 it's nice to be back to the tpt!

So today l got my big income tax paycheck and well you know how the story goes once you get a fish tank you automatically join the "my tank isn't big enough and have to buy bigger and better one category". l've been doing some looking for a rimless tank for a while. I've looked on glasscages, and a few others l can't recall but l went along with greenleafaquariums due to the quality of their silicone. One thing is for sure it's hard to beat glasscages for the money. Anyways l always wanted to get a rimless tank because l wanted to focus more on the beauty inside the tank rather than the black rims. So far l got my piece of manzanita driftwood ordered from Their staff was very courteous and kind and wasn't rude at all. l highly recommend them. l always wanted to go out in nature and find my own driftwood but that wasn't possible due to my cars transmission recently messing up so there goes that idea not to mention the fact that l live in TEXAS where there is plenty of driftwood to collect. My plans are to tear down my 40g l've had for 7 months and move it all over to my 91L. So far my plan is to lay the huge piece of driftwood somewhere in the tank, not sure yet, and make that the focal point and basically let everything else revolve around it. As you can tell l don't usually have a plan because i'm very indecisive and well l think we get like that when we're building up a project. So far it stands out like so:

tank-91L(48g rimless tank from gla)

filter:i'll stick to using my current marineland HOT external canister filter rated for 55g in the meantime, l plan on upgrading it later.

subtrate:ada az ll, nile sand or probably a mixture of the two

flora:willow moss, l plan on covering most of the dw piece placed off center to create a sort of anti-perfect symmetry.Usually in aga contests the judges get you on making the focal point dead on in the center.You will notice that alot if you read the critiques at the bottom of the page. In general, perfect symmetry is a bad thing when designing an aquascape. In nature, you don’t commonly see a rock repeated in one place from another, so l chosed not to do it in mines.However l tend to let my creativity take over and choose to break some rules because if we all followed the "golden rules" then some of are scapes would look very similar which i believe is the opposite of what is to strive for. l believe when we scape we do it in a way that engraves our individualism on the tank and is a reflection of who we are. Anyways back to the tank, the willow moss will be used to cover most of the dw and as far as the carpet i'm still deciding on it. l have several choices i've wanted to try such as a pygmy chain sword,flame moss,glosso, hc,riccia,or dwarf hairgrass but l've already got that in my iwagumi.Here is a picture of the driftwood as you can see it has alot of potential
updated 3/24/10
6 x Windelov fern
5 x Weeping Moss (replacing willow moss until l can find some)
7 x Anubias barteri Petite
4 x Narrow leaf Java fern
4 x Philippine Java fern
6 x bolbitis

fauna:Note sure yet but i'm going for schooling fish most likely

lights: 36' nova extreme t5ho 4X39w 2 10k's replacing the 2 actinics with gieseman 6700k or just go all gieseman

co2:pressurized w/ 5lb bottle l got at my lfs aquatek. rhinox 5000 probably upgrade to gla later down the road

Here are some pictures i've been looking up for my inspiration or to better give you an idea of what l'm looking to design(it's hard to put in words but already pictured in my mind)

and the closest looking one to my future design

Last but not least my favorite tank of all time

Well i'll be posting more updates soon l gotta get everything planned out.

48g rimless "passion"
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