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i am wondering if i am trying to push too much light down to the substrate. i noticed L Aromatica has a few clear leaves on the new growth. Yet the Cuban Ludwigia doesnt get thick until about half way up the tank.

i am also wondering if i am defecient in micronutrients. the new growth on L. aromatica & a couple other species is pale. R Macranda isnt as red as it should be. Golden Nesea's new growth is a little twisted. This doesnt happen in my other soil tanks, but the growth rate is much much slower.

i don't dose at all & am relying on the soil. The only thing i add is GH Booster to my R/O water.

My GH is 4 dgh. maybe i should bump it up a tad. maybe i should add a little CSM+B to see if that helps, i have a couple lbs of it lying around.

or maybe i should just leave it alone. its only been a couple weeks.
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