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The filter is an Aqueon 20 which I got for free at my LFS, once a year they have a rep come in and you can trade in old filters for a new one. I think it's a little bit big for the tank, but free is always good. It moves the water pretty well, I like lots of flow. Once it's full of media and the heater I think it will calm down a bit.

The heater is a tetra submersible for up to 15 gallons, I have them in my other tanks also, it's about the smallest I can find. I need to notch part of the plastic in the filter and it should slide down in the filter nicely. A slim titanium like the Catalina version would fit with no problems. I hate clutter in my tanks, so this is a nice way to hid that. The inlet will be hidden by some driftwood.

It's not ADA or GLA tight seams, but I think it came out pretty good for my first try, I have quite a bit of experience with laying beads of caulk. I'm going to fill it up and see how it does over a week or so.

I'm thinking I might try an actual plant substrate this time around, I have just pool filter sand in my 20 and moon sand in my 6. I'd like to try Zosterifolia again, never got it to grow good in my old 55. Maybe a small carpet or some micro swords.
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