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Are these real?
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I have most sensors collect data every 10 minutes. So it is 6 (sensors) x 6 (samples per hour) x 24 (hours per day) x 365 (days per year) = 315,360 records with 946,080 sample points (2x temp and 1x humidity).

After just over two weeks the file has grown to 850k. So theoretically in a year it would grow to over 20MB which isn't impossible to download, just a bit of a drag because I download the same old, same old data over and over. I'd like to be able to either reset that data file, or specify where I only download say the last week or two days.

The tech service at WeatherDirect was pretty useless, they just repeat the same stuff over and over.

Do I need a data point every 10 minutes? Maybe not, but Access can handle a few million records. And do you need a 15 Megapixel image from your camera?
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