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My peristalic arrived Friday, a few days ago - spent much time this weekend getting it hooked up. First challenge - verify flow rate. Based on my measures, rather than the vendors posted .5ml/min, it is closer to around .63 +/- .02ml/min.

Learned a few vauable lessons worth passing along...
1) If you get a pump with 1/32" tubing, finding reducing connectors will be hard, and possibly very expensive. Everything appears to get much easier with 1/16" tubing. I had to kludge it with using silicon air tubing as a coupling to larger hose sizes, augmented with super-glue at the point of contact, reinforced with liberal amounts of silicon sealant at the seams.
Lesson - 1/32" tubing does not have readily avilable reducting connectors.

2) 1/32" tubing has an advantageous flip-side - very, very slow water flow. In my case it eliminated the need for a check valve, and the problems that introduced. Sure, I could lose my whole tank. But at the flow rate the tubing accomodates, I figure it would take quite a quite a few weeks!
Lesson - 1/32" tubing can reduce the requirment for a check valve.

I'm sure there will be more lessons still as I try to get the tank settled on a "constant" supply of nutrients, rather than the ups and downs of every other day or so.

Steve - 33g reef and a 180g planted in need of a re-scape.
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