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Originally Posted by Voozle View Post
This is terrific, haven't seen eels in a planted tank before. I really like the elongated cave structure and the low-light plants in and around it, I bet those are two happy eels. Have the algae problems cleared up?
Yep, algae problems are in the past. I added several otos and started dosing small amounts of ferts. I still get some green dust algae on the glass, but nothing out of control.

Originally Posted by Hilde View Post

What size is the tank? What is your lighting? Co2?

How long to the eel live? How long do they get? I wonder if there is a variety that could live in a 30 in long tank? They are astonishing to watch. Seem to be intelligent and curious.

I wonder if dosing with KNO3 would help keep the algae away? It worked for me.
This is a 75 gal tank. I'm using a Catalina Solar 4x54W fixture. Most of the time I only run 1 set of lights on a 5 hr timer. Sometimes when I'm home on weekends or during the day, I turn the other set on manually for about an hour.

These peacock eels are the smallest of the freshwater eels, maxing out at around 12-15" and live for about 5 years. They would probably do ok in a 30" long tank. My eel isn't much of a constant swimmer. He hangs out in the dark cave about 98% of the time. It's fun to watch him hunt, very methodical and a quick strike similar to a snake.

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this is niffty subscribed!
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