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Couple of tanks -Vincent

Ok, so I decided to do a planted tank right, so I went ahead and got my old 10 gallon out, went out and bought a bag of Eco-Complete and put it in, the pump was just to give it circulation until I could get a filter in

Then a week later, I went out, got a filter and a couple of rocks, I'm afraid I may be overfiltering (if there is such a thing), I got the Marineland 200, and it looks humongous in relation to the tank, but I already put it in and plugged it in, so it's too late to return it now, hopefully it won't be a problem.

Although one nice thing about having a giant filter is that you can fit your heater inside it

As for lighting, I plan to make a little wooden stand and then attaching two clamp lamps onto it, as inspired by Hoppy:
I just ordered a pound of Potassium Sulfate, Potassium Nitrate, and Mono Potassium Phosphate, and I already have Flourish Comprehensive.
Then I'm going to try to put HC or glosso as a foreground, then Dwarf Hairgrass behind that, then IDK, I don't really like the way the rocks are positioned and need suggestions, thanks for looking.

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