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Originally Posted by 89Rome View Post
wow. that's incredible. how much does a tank like that go for? I'm about to start a paludarium...i only have a 40 gal tho
Like most people here, I wouldn't want to add it up. Since a lot of it was fairly DIY, it was much cheaper than it could have been.

Funny story: Seven days ago I got 4 ember (amandae) tetras and put them in the tank. The next day I could only find 3. I wasn't sure if one had died or if maybe I had failed to get it out of the bag, since they are quite young and small. Today, while doing a water change and rearranging the plumbing, I found the 4th in the bottom of the canister filter! I know I'm not the first that this has happened to, but I was glad to get the little guy back.
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