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Thanks I been fighting with spot algae on most of the plants, had to take a bunch out all the red plants didn't make it bah. I was dosing high ferts but lowered the dosing think what started it all . Anyway got another Rena filter the xp1 just to power the co2 reactor made some Diy lily pipes.

Got some new tank mates 2 corys not sure what kind but the albino cory loves the jungle of Cabomba you will see why . 2 flame tetra.

Cory playing on the Cabomba

Now the bad part all my Cabomba is green not sure if its from the drop in high ferts still trying to tweak this.

Moved a bunch of things around liked it the other way here are some pictures the 3 leaf covers are growing out of CONTROL I have to cut it ever water change. I know a lot of the plants are just thrown in there I am just trying to get them to grow again.

On that note the Rotala sp is growing again but its not red just green

Also trying to get the 24g aquapod up and running here is a picture mind the gold fish didn't have time to take them back to the pet store
48w t5ho
paintball co2 20oz
fish 10 flame tetra, 2 ammo shrimp , 2 corys, 4 gold fish will take them back to the store tomorrow .

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