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Started putting in the substrate tonight. Still one or two bags short but supposed to arrive tomorrow. Also picked up some Zebra Rock at the LFS today. Not sure yet if it'll work well for the layout, gonna post out for comments and suggestions. I'm going to build up the back slope in the corners the highest (either left highest sloping towards the lowest, or left highest, lower middle, mid height right rear corner) so it will give more of a depth difference.

A shot in the dark with the moonlights on, although the camera had such a long exposure time it looks like daylight in the room.

Open for any and all suggestions on placement / additions of the rocks. Most likely will not end up with all of them, just set to get feedback and thoughts based on what is available. I need to bring home a piece of driftwood to see if that's going to look decent with the contrast between the current all black/white setup.

Will post some updates on my initial planting thoughts tomorrow for feedback as well.
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