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ok update!

I been struggling finding a better tank, every tank I got had a big silicone seal problem until today.

I picked up a 60gallon today that was only 2 inches higher than my old one, looked beutiful and very nicely built. Got store credit for the other one, so that company is the company im going to buy all my fish from (125 bucks worth!)

I took the day to fix my stand and cut my YOGA mat. I didnt like how the tank was smaller than the stand. It was made for a 60gallon long which I didnt want to pay 250 for (paid 109 for the 60gallon tall). So i bought a sheet of MDF that was damaged. I got the 4x8 sheet for 18 bucks and didnt have to worry about the damaged part because I had enough wood. I raised the tank 1.5'' so that the top of the tank sits flush with the whole stand. IMO it looks much better and BIGGER

OK for you guys who just likes pictures here you go!

Here is my top soil im using that I got from a nursury you can see almost no ingredients, this is what im looking for

Here is my substrate ferts! Greensand, bonemeal (not shown), kelp meal, and soil. Going to top it off with silica sand from home depot (not shown)

here is the yoga mat I got from SportsChallet. Perfect size and I cut it with a razor blade, very pliable, and black!

and pictures of the Mat.

...should curl out in a day or so

I got so much done today, hopefully tonight Im going to order my utricula graminfolia. My wallet is a little empty though
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