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AlexXx's 10g Shrimparium

AlexXx’s 10g Shrimparium
This tank is intended for my first attempts at breeding shrimp. I will of course start with Red Cherry Shrimp, because from my research they seem to be the easiest to care for and the fastest to procreate! I tore down my old 10 gallon of female betta fish, added Eco Complete substrate and all the same plants, and a few from my 2.5 gallon which looks relatively bare now. I am still considering a fore ground plant, but I don’t know. I have 2x10 tube day light bulbs, and am using DIY Co2 with a diffuser. I have a single betta in there just for cycling purposes. Im using the same filter media so hopefully the cycling process will go quick so I can add the shrimp soon!
Please give me some advice on a foreground plant and any other scaping advice, I just kinda through stuff in there and I think it came out great. The back left rock was supposed to be just to hold done one of the thicker pieces of wood, but I ended up liking it after a day. Any advice is good advice!
I really don’t know most of the same of the plants, or I would write them down. Thanks for looking! Enjoy

Sorry for the awful quality pictures my g/f's camera is terrible, and i dont own one.
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