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Originally Posted by foster400 View Post
cant wait to see this one finished. Im hoping to upgrade to atleast a 55

what other fish are you planning?
Undecided on stocking yet. I figure I've got lots of time before everything is setup and cycled to decide. I'm going for the easier Cherry shrimp in this as well as the at-work 5g tank for sure. Will browse through other's posts here to find other fish ideas. We've had Neon Tetra's for years in the non planted tanks and I really like the colors in the schools of them. I was originally going to go with a non/semi planted tank and a single Oscar, but realized even a 55g was small for them. So, now it's the fun of learning about planting and tech tanks. Going to get our 6 yr old son involved as well as it's a good introduction to chemistry and such.
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