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Todd's 55g Planted Journal

After starting a 5g planted aquarium last month at work I got excited to start up a larger one at home. A donor 55gallon tank from a friend got the process going.

I'll utilize this thread to keep track of my setup and ask lots of questions as I try and learn enough to keep everything alive and growing.

Current Tank Photo 03/21/10:

My setup:

As of 3/21/2010:


Tank: 55g
Filter: Eheim 2217 classic
Lighting: Catalina 3x54 T5 HO with moonlights
Co2: GLA complete setup with 5lb bottle
Controller: ReefKeeper Lite with Net Module for computer monitoring.
Subtrate: Eco-Complete black. 120lbs
Heater: Stealth 200w
Nutrients: Base package from GLA as well as Fluorish / Fluorish Excel.



5 neon tetras
9 rummi nose tetras
4 zebra danios

First Steps:

I spent a couple weeks building a stand and am currently finishing a hood.

Stand in progress:

Working on the hood:

Goal is to have the first water test fill this weekend. Still need to make cutouts in the back of the stand to run filter hoses and accessories.

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