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accordztech 55 gallon rescape update

I guess with all the threads I have been making, I might as well start a tank journal.

Tank size: 60 gallon 4'x12.5''x24
Substrate: Top soil (not MTS) with green sand, kelp meal, bone meal topped off with Silica sand.
Co2: Pressurized 10 LB with GLA "choice" regulator :proud w/inline reactor
Filter: Rena xp3 Eheim 2217 + 2213
Heater: In-line hydror 200watt heater
Lighting: Catalina aquarium 3x54 T5HO. 2x6500k 1x10,000k
Co2 Distribution inline DIY reactor
other coralife 9x uv sterilizer plummed into the 2213
Ferts: EI method-kh2po4, kno3 on one day csb+b on another day, everyday But water change day. Water change day, gh booster.

Plan: Planted tank with a grassy scape.

Fish: Im planning to do a nice school of rummy nose tetras of at least 25 and a nice school of corydora peppers. Also for a cleanup crew I want a few ottos and possibly some CRS.

This is my first big tank, I usually kept small tanks and had a 12gallon JBJ that I got planted but its just to small to have a really nice scape, and I like fish swimming around.

current stock
8 Rummy Nose Tetras
6 Glow Light Danios
3 Big nerite zebra snails
1 Otto
3 Loaches (botia?)
10 Peperd corydoras
3 Panda corydoras

More updates towards the end of the thread

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