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'tiger in my tank' JG's 10G

I've had this tank lying around for some time trying to decide what to do with it. Up to now its been a holding tank and an emersed setup. I broke down on saturday and set it up for another scape. Its all just practice right now anyway.

I used some granite I had lying around. Its the same stuff thats in the 20 long so it'll look much better after it gets some age on it.

Started with the intention of doing a stone dominated scape that takes the majority of the tank volume up while hoping to get some terraces in there between the stone to grow UG in to spill over the rock work. The cave dead center just came about as I tried to make the pile o rock look natural. Nothing about the layout screams golden ratio.. oh well. Its got a lot of growing to do.

Standard AGA 10 gallon
2x24W T5HO current fixture
Used aquasoil I... the kind that breaks down if you look at it wrong
pressurized CO2 through a glass diffuser

Eleocharis 'belem' in the foreground
Utricularia Graminifolia on the hill and between rocks
Baby staurogyne 'porto velho' in the back right
Mass of fern + anubias came from a chunk of driftwood in my 40

Orange Eyed Blue Tigers

Some starting images:

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