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Attachment 82098
Attachment 82154
Attachment 82162
Click image for larger version

Name:	Ram1.jpg
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ID:	82122
My less dominant male
Click image for larger version

Name:	Ram2.jpg
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ID:	82130
My dominant male, he just looked really pretty that morning before turning the lights on
Click image for larger version

Name:	Ram3.jpg
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ID:	82138
Dominant male bolivian with the two females in the background on the left. The female in front is paired up with this male
Attachment 82146
The Pair
Attachment 82170
My Golden ram hiding under the banana plant.
Attachment 82178
2 of the female Endlers and one of the males doing his mating shimmy dance in front of them (tirelessly ALL DAY LONG lol)
Attachment 82186
My Sterbai Cory and one of my Otos on the Amazon sword

This is my first planted tank that I started after I got this tank for christmas!

It is a 25 Gallon High

Substrate: 3 inch layer of a mixture of black flourite sand, caribsee black floramax, and a light dusting of peat moss all mixed together. This is all capped with a .5"-1" layer of caribsea white sand ( silica sand I think).

Filter: Aqueon QuietFlow 30 with surface skimmer added.

Heater: Aqueon 100 watt heater

Lighting: 2 Aqueon duel t5NO fixtures each with one 14 watt colormax bulb and one 14 watt 6700k daylight bulb... So a total of 4 bulbs at 14 watts each

Ferts: Flourish tabs and API root tabs, Flourish comprehensive, Flourish Iron, Flourish Potassium, API CO2 booster ( all dosed as recommended)

Corkscrew vals
lobelia Cardinalis
ludwigia repens
amazon sword
green tiger lotus
dwarf hair grass
melon sword
anubias nana
java fern
java moss
crypt lucens
Banana plant
and one tiny bit still left of a failed attempt at HC

Fauna: ( I know, I know its a little over stocked... I was excited lol oops)
4 Bolivian rams (2 male, 2 female, one breeding pair out of the 4)
1 Golden ram (1 male, the female did not make it)
1 Sterbai cory
1 Julii cory
6 Endler's livebearers (3 female pure strain, 2 male pure, 1 male "cobra" hybrid)
2 Otos
1 Ivory mystery snail
3 Amano shrimp

Let me know what you all think!

- Matt M.

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An updated pic of my jungle...still chugging along, 2 years, 8 months later.

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That is gorgeous!

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How do you keep the tank algae clear in a low tech environment?

Originally Posted by Chaos_Being View Post
An updated pic of my jungle...still chugging along, 2 years, 8 months later.

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55 gallon

Here is my 55 gallon.

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prp427: I suspect you of having a beautiful tank but really want to see a better picture. Turn off all room lights at night and take a flashless picture straight on. Crop out the glaring lights from the tank. Let us see it!

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My bad, lol. I'll make more of an effort and post some detail shots soon. Thanks for the compliment.
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My low-tech, low-light, low maintenance 54g tank just gets better and better. I keep trying to increase the level of balance in the tank by slowly adjusting feeding, etc. and trying to have any many species ( snails, shrimp, plants, worms, fish) as I can reasonably have so that the diversity helps keep the balance.

So far, so good. I am going w/c and maintenance once per month and everything is healthy and nice!

"The fewer our wants, the nearer we resemble the gods." Socrates

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I love this thread. Always makes me

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It really is a great thread! Always a treat to look at.

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Originally Posted by prp427 View Post
Here is my 55 gallon.

Would really like to see other pics. Looks like a great looking tank!

55 Gallon Planted

3 GBR, 2 Bolivian Rams, 1 Juvenile Super Red BN Plecos, 9 Oto Catfish, 9 Bloodfin Tetras
Rotala Indica, Cardamine, Crypt Spiralis, Pygmy Chain Swords, Dwarf Sag, Lutea Crypt, Wendtti Bronze and Red, and Floating Frogbit
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Originally Posted by leeteekyung View Post
i love rhizome plants, easy to rescape
this is an AMAZING tank.

PLEASE, give me some details.

There are 2 types of people on this forum. Those that have algae, and those that lie and say they don't.
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Originally Posted by ChadRamsey View Post
this is an AMAZING tank.

PLEASE, give me some details.
Wow that is a beautiful tank!

"Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Start up on my 20 gallon long - the tank is 6 weeks old. I'll eventually replace some of the stems, but for now, the tetras and rasboras love them.

20 gallon long
a gazillion bunches anacharis
2 bunches cabomba caroliniana
1 bunch giant hyro
2 cryptocoryne wendtii
cholla wrapped with marimo moss
1 African water fern
2 bunches water wysteria
floating pennywort and anacharis

10 harlequin rasboras
6 neon tetras

I'll eventually add 6 kuhli loaches but want to let the tank mature a bit.

Have had no measurable ammonia, nitrites or nitrates yet. I dose Flourish at each bi-weekly water change. The crypts get a root tab every four weeks.
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Smile My low tech tank

Tank Size : 130cm x 60cm x 80cm
Lightings: 8 x T5 28w 8hrs/day (made in china, bought it for 3$ each)
Plants: Rotalla Macandra, Weeping Moss, Peacock Moss, Java Moss, Hair Grass, Anubias, etc
Fertilizer: 25ml after water change. Fertiqua (local Ferts that has carbon liquid, macro, micro, vitamins) (5$ 300ml size)
CO2: None
Regular water change twice a week 30%
Filter: Under Gravel Filter x 2 (7$ each)
Substrat: Volcano Sand (total 5
CPU Cooling Fan 2pcs
Power head 2pcs

6 Platys, 500 red cherry shrimp

PS. Sorry for bad cellphone cam picture.

Please tell me what you think.

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