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Here's my low tech 40b
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So I dirted my 55 gallon window riparium and my 90 gallon African cichlid tank yesterday. Took a combined 10 hours or so but well worth it.
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Here come my low tech 140 Gallon:

W: 183 x D: 46 x H: 64 (cm)
Plants: Anubias Barteri (broad leaf), Anubias Congensis,
Anubias Nana (petite),Anubias barteri var. 'coffeefolia',
Crypt Wendtii
Fish:Rummy Noses, corydoras Panda, corydoras Albino,
corydoras, Leopard, siamensis algae eaters, siamensis
Flying Fox, Albino Pleco bristlenose
Substrate: ADA AquaSoil, Miracle Grow capped with
Light: Worklight T8 x2 (48 inches)

and a video:


**** Green ****

Green's Resurrection Aquarium Gallery
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Been a lurker here for a while. I used to have goldfish in my 125g tank but the seam busted and I lost my fish. I tried to reseal it but the glass was brittle and I called it quits.

For Christmas this past year I picked up a new tank and put it on my old stand. I decided to go low tech planted this time as losing my 8-10 year old goldfish was hard.

Anyways here's the stats

125 gallon tank
Filters - C-360 and a chinese knockoff with a UV sterilizer in it that seems to be working.
Substrate: builders sand based capped with pea gravel.
Light: 10 23W CFL that I rigged up attached directly to the hood.
Ferts: Daily of a reduced N, high P, K and Fe mix that I mixed up. Also have to add in some CaSO4 for the snails.


Crypts - Several species I'm not all sure of. wendtii is the only one I'm pretty sure are in the front.
Echinoduras spp bleheri, amazonicus, parviflorus, & ocelot.
Vals - i.e. the weeds along the back. I bought 5 plants in February. I plan on filling in the entire back with them eventually.

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Hi guys my names Danny and I'm a mature student at hull university studying marine biology. I've kept fish for years and had many tanks but never a planted tank until now. Its a 40gal aqua one horizon 182. It has a aquamanta 200 filter and usual standard heater. The light bar has a standard aquarium daylight tube in it and is a t8. The substrate is tetra plant complete with pea gravel on top, in it at present is Valis (both normal and large variants), some mixed hygrophila, some Java Fern on some bogwood, a Nymphaea Tiger Lotus Red also some christmas moss.I'm not dosing with ferts yet but am using cheap and cheerful Co2. Im not sure what type of wood i have in there but it was from my local fish shop.

The current stock in this tank is 20 Amano shrimp, 3 young yoyo loach to sort out the snail population. (im aware they like shrimp but at present the shrimp are much larger than the yoyos and im monitoring them any signs of them being eaten and i will remove the yoyos) 1 very small black neon, this is left from a group of 10 i had, which i sadly lost for no apparent reason, this little one appeared out of nowhere. i also have 2 Ottos and a Butterfly Plec in there

Am planning on putting a pair of angels in here and a shoal of cardinals (eventually)

not a patch on some of the tanks here but my little piece of heaven....
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little to no maintenance 10g i set up for fun

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my tank i set up on a real budget. i paid for very little...
i got the tank and stand for some saltwater fish and shrimp i collected in florida, the magnum 350 filter was broken and bought cheap(fixed it), the lights are all shop lights that i picked up cheap from various places. bulbs came from walmart.
substrate is sand from Lowes. no water changes, only top offs.
CO2 by yeast reactor, diffused untill it completely dissolves. the lights were ran 24/7.
ferts were adminstered through balls of clay that had been baked, soaked in fertilizer, then shoved beneath the substrate. it was also heavily stocked with fish.

typical maintainance for this tank was top offs and weekly filter rinses.

i cant even remember what all plants i have and fish i have since i trade them out so often. i especially love trading out the banana plants since my LFS cant seem to grow them. i bought one a while ago, and every time i bring one back, they trade me two smaller ones plus another plant of my choice. win win!

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Show and tell? maybe just one....

65 gallons, lots of ludwigia repens, a momma amazon and radican sword, some wisteria and moss here and there.. also in the jungle is a random crypt, some aponogetons, marimo (lumps) balls, i've tossed in some dwarf sag recently, ripped up some liaeopsis for a dry start... i mean mud puddle... and hacked up that two foot tall behemoth of a water sprite...
fauna is... a dragon goby, striped rapael(best friends with the dragon, i swear) over 20 corys, probly more like 30, bronze, peppered, julii and aeneus i think... about 2 dozen cobra guppy males, a few black mollies, courtesy a friend, 1 calico bristlenose(medusa?) 4 albino dwarf bristlenose cats, random single gold barb, came with the julii cats, a white cloud mm, a golden white cloud mm, butterfly danio, betta splendens(male) about 10 neon tetras, an albino rainbow shark, cherry and ghost shrimps, and last but not least are the malaysian trumpet snails (overstocked?)

lighting is two 4 ft tubes hanging from the ceiling, one 40w 6500k t12 ODNO, one 32w t8 5500k full spectrum ODNO and one 36 ??w inch full spectrum perfecto strip front and center. filtration is Aqua-Top CF-400UV, one 75 gph tetra pond pump back left facing forward for flow.
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hi all, i want to post my new low tech setting to get some oppinions, critics and suggestions. my equipments are 1x14watts TL5, hanging filter and liquid ferltz. any comments and inputs will be appreciated, thanks.
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Rimless 6gal, maybe not a "low budget" but a "low tech" in my books.

No ferts besides a couple of pps pro drops once in a while, no water changes unless I clean a filter. No co2.

I bought it used.

Has a cheap planted HOB cascade 200 and an old eheim 2213 running a DIY UGF with akadama drl soil.

Mosses, Anubias, rotalas, some other stems and blyxa.

Yamaya rocks.

Acharea light, 24w I think.

Yellow neos.

A heavily planted shrimp tank is possible!
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Well here's the 2 low tech tanks of my own both backyard soil w/ cap

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

both with some flourish comprehensive once a week and cfls.

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Originally Posted by chiefroastbeef View Post
Here is my tank, I've been in the hobby for 1.5 years, learned everything on the Planted Tank!

I am fortunate to live in Hong Kong, within walking distance to the famous fish street. So I get my plants and fish at very cheap prices (compared to the US). Countless plants have died in the tank, and these are the ones that survived to tell the story. I basically plant, pray, and take out the dead plants.

I do not dose Excel or use CO2. Just some liquid ferts I bought at the fish street.

I recently switched to a LED light fixture built by a diyer here in HK, the lights are a bit brighter than my old florescent fixture, just I am dealing with a tiny bit of thread/fuzzy algae on the moss.
I covet your tank. It looks so...effortless!
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I like this thread. Lots of goodies in here. : )
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