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I know Laura but I do want to play around with some different bulbs and see if I can push it a little. I dont know if it will work but I want to put some low par bulbs in without reflectors and see what happens because rite now I am running HIGH par bulbs and I know everybody talks Lumens but hey cant blame a guy for trying and I have several old bulbs that were on my reef and some cheap bulbs that I might try.

120 Gallon Planted tank with Angels, Cardinals, Julii Cories, LF Albino Bristlenose Plecos and a mated pair of Double Red Cockatoo Apistos
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I am very excited that I finally have a picture of my tank to post to this thread! Sorry that it is low quality... I am just learning to take pics of my tank, and my camera doesn't take very good pics anyways.

This is my first tank ever, so its been a pretty steep learning curve. Any suggestions for improvements (especially since it doesn't currently seem to be very well balanced) are greatly appreciated!

Tank: 15g tall
Light: 20W of compact fluorescent (1 7W, 1 13W) 6500K on for 10hrs/day
CO2: DIY CO2 with a Hagan ladder that is really slow... ~16-18 bpm. (probably not worth the bother)
Filtering: ~150 gph HOB filter.

Anacharis currently growing back from melting
Myriophyllum currently growing back from melting/being killed by hornwort
Java moss
Java fern
Bolbitis that finally decided to live
HC that is growing and hopefully eventually will carpet. I'm willing to give it some time.
Lots and lots of anubias (~15 plants of varying sizes)
A few floating plants (not sure species??)

Other living things:
2 guppies + 4 guplets
5 cory cats (was 6 but one got stuck and died yesterday )
6 red cherry shrimp + 5 shrimplets
Whole bunch of hitchhiker snails
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I think it looks great. Just give it a background.
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I just finished planting my 55 the other day, only a couple cory cats in it for now. It's sort of a room divider so it's visible from both sides.

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Here is my paludrium
Tank: .25g
Heating: None
Filteration: None
Flora: Cactus on land.
Fake plants in water
Fauna: Brine Shrimp
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	DTJ 001.jpg
Views:	542
Size:	94.0 KB
ID:	18175  

Click image for larger version

Name:	DTJ 002.jpg
Views:	521
Size:	96.4 KB
ID:	18176  

Click image for larger version

Name:	DTJ 003.jpg
Views:	502
Size:	84.3 KB
ID:	18177  

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Hi...great tanks!! I know you listed most of your plants, but I see a plant that I really like and can't seem to identify in your 30 gal.

It's on the left side, towards the back...and if you go back up to the 4th pic posted of your 30 gal tank...there's a fish swimming exactly, right above it (looks like a betta, maybe)?? Anyway do you know what the name of this plant is??? It's kind of a trailing vine type of plant that is growing upwards with small roundish leaves!!??? I LOVE IT!!! Thanks-

This is for Karackle by the way!! Sorry...newbie here!!!
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Woah, I'm a Guru?!
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Oh I see you already found this thread! Well you got your answer in the PM, but for anyone else interested, it's Lindernia rotundafolia 'variegated'

30g Low Tech Journal, 5 & 10g Low Tech Journal
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I enjoy having a zoo to care for!
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Great tanks everybody... makes me jealous!

Here's my most favorite tank I've ever had.
These were the specs when it was at it's best:

5 gal hex eclipse system, Standard hood (10w 6500k daylight compact, 11hr photoperiod w/1 hr siesta) & filter

Dosing: Flourish 2x week, , Excel every day

Cryptocoryne parva
Cryptocoryne spiralis
Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Microsorum pteropus
Spiral vallisneria (scientific name?)

RCS... lots

Just starting out

In it's prime:

Now it's mostly subwassertang, and the C. parva have sent out 2 runners, but that's about it... it's not a glass tank, so some of the algae will never come off... so I've been neglecting it because it's not easy veiwing and I can't afford a new tank

My 10 gal...

10 hr photoperiod w/1 hr siesta 2x15w 6500k daylight bulbs
Dosing: Flourish 2x week, Iron & Excel after WC, DIY CO2

Anubias barteri 'Nana'
Cryptocoryne spiralis
Echinodorus ozelot
Echinodorus tenellus
Hygrophila difformis
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
Microsorum pteropus


This tank has also seen it's better days, never been able to get that microsword to carpet.

You can check out the tank threads in my sig to see their evolutionary track!
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Hey Everyone!!

Unfinished 10galPlanted Tank

Anubias Nana
Java Fern
None, yet.
None. The future fish's poop will take care of that.
Aqua-tech 10-15 gal
Two 25 watt bulbs
Mon.-Fri. 15 hr
Sat.-Sun. 8 hr (lol, gotta get some rest!)


Hey!!! I LOVE CORYDORAS!!!!!!!
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an update

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i love that piece of wood, looks really good
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So many awesome tanks. This thread is very inspiring LL!

29g Journal 10g journal 15g Journal
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75 gallon "Piranha Kingdom"- wet/dry, FX5, CO2, pH controller, T5HO 4x54, ferts, SunSun Pimp Club Lucky #11, Fluval Pimp Club #17
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I'm really glad this thread was started. I started lurking on the forums here about 4 months ago then joined in January. Due to budget and maintenance time constraints I was immediately interested in Low-Tech tanks and I found no shortage of inspiration and great information here on this wonderful site and APC.

I intended to start a tank journal after I decided to rescape my tank but I still haven't gotten around to it. One of the things that really got me excited about learning more about the plants in my tank were all the excellent journals I found here with tons of pictures. Hopefully my scaping and camera skills have improved to the point that someone else will enjoy these the way I did when I started on this planted journey.

This is a before and after shot of my 38 gallon tank. Full specs and stocking list can be found in my sig link. Its amazing how different this tank is now... Thanks again TPT members for all your help and advice!

This is the before shot... taken sometime in late December or early January. The DW with Java Fern was relocated to the 10g and the Hornwart was tossed.

And this was a photo taken today after a water change. My front glass is a bit dirty and could use some cleaning but I think this still gives a good indication of how far the tank has come!

Just one more
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Yeah I'm really enjoying this thread! I get tired sometimes of people thinking that going high tech is the ONLY way to have a full, lush, and gorgeous planted tank! There's always more than one way to skin a cat. And I'm glad you unlurked yourself, Takedakai- the tank is looking great.

Keep 'em coming, guys!

Tampa Bay Aquarium Society - Next meeting Monday, Oct 13, 2014 @ 7:15pm- See ya there!
TBAS Annual Fish Auction - November 1st!!

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