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MTS -an evolution

Here is a pictorial of my infection and how I got to my current state


This is the first fish I got 5 years ago now- we call him Sir Eldridge Wu (disclaimer: hes biggest and only named fish i have) this is the third tank he's in and will need one more upgrade- I have managed to make it planted with penny wort ball and pothos in the filter


This is a 90 gallon African cichlid tank - they allow for slightly more plants but only jungle val and a few crypts have done relatively well in there and a couple swords are limping along - I was still way more into fish when I started this tank several years ago but had started wanting plants as well. It has a diy pvc overflow and a sump as well as one big sponge filter. It has a singl fugeray planted led. This tank was sand only substrate with plants in glass cups inside of the tank until I set up #3; after which I converted the 90 to dirt (the mbuna have of course undone a fair amount of that since- am considering divesting myself of African cichlids in favor of more plants and smaller fishes)


This is my first dirted tank - it has no heater and an aquaclear 70 for circulation - I currently have one led bulb over it but natural sunlight from north window powers this tank. There are a handful of platys, danios, ottos, a swordtail, a few rainbowfish fry and one goofy fantail goldfish in it.


Another dirted heavily planted 55 gallon tank. There are 7 gbrs in here including two pairs - can't catch either one of the pairs or the three extra females yet - will persevere some day. There's are also some cardinal tetras, glowlight tetras some guppies and one burterfly fish. I use a green element led , a magnum hang on tank canister and a power head on this tank.


This is a cherry shrimp and Otto tank also currently housing two hill stream loaches and some amano shrimp. Its mostly java moss with some Christmas moss, an anubias plant and some guppy grass. No heater, a sponge filter and marineland hidden led on this 20 long. It has safe t sorb substrate - no dirt.


Here is the biggest tank - 125 dirted rainbowfish community been up for a year. I use a diy sump with two overflows. Also have an ac 110, a magnum hang on tank canister and a power head. There are rainbows, angelfish, various plecos, otos, corys , kribensis, Bolivian rams, killifish, denisons barbs and some inverts. I have two 36 inch current USA satellite plus and one 48 inch.


Dirted 8 gallon nano installation- lots of crypts, a little bit of moss, an anubias and some guppygrass. There are a few endlers, cpds, a peacock gudgeon and some cherry shrimp. It has a single 9 watt led, a heater and the stock filtration planted with pothos.


The latest is a dirted Mr aqua 12 gallon long. It has a 36 inch current usa satellite plus light , no heater and no filter. There is a small group of threadfin rainbows and some cherry shrimp. Crypts, pennywort, anubias, java ferns, pogostomon, alternantha, dwarf sag, red lotus, rotala and Christmas moss are the plants.

These are all low tech to varying degrees - no pressurized co2 but occasional excel. Please comment and/or share your affliction too!

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Well, I have 21 tanks in two rooms. All but a 180G, 20G hex, and a pair of 10G's are dedicated to rearing angelfish. I'm at 865 gallons. If my greenhouse project goes well this spring, some will move out there, but certainly not all and I'll easily top 1000G. So you have some catching up to do. So my biased opinion is that they all look awesome. I also strive for low-tech, cheapo solutions wherever I can so I understand where you leaning to simple and low-tech comes from. The result is equally cool and fun to watch grow and just observe.

I use some blue actinic bulbs in the fish room. They go on in the wee hours of the morning so I can feed before leaving for work and go off after a couple of hours. Weekends are golden. I get up at about the same time, but I get to just pull up a stool to each set of tanks with coffee in hand and just observe in the erie blue light. The "decompression effect" is huge.

I really like the "brick houses" for the africans. I think that's just totally unique and makes the tank a conversation piece that revolves around the fishs' nature.

I also love the idea of a low-tech tank in the window.

It's only a "syndrome" if this stuff doesn't appeal to you.


"Why can't my wife see all of this stuff as an investment?"
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Wow lots of tanks! and holy crap your Oscar is huge! How many inches is he now?
Really love the look of the 125, would love to see some more close up photos of the plants and fish in the future ^^
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I wish I had the space! How are your cherry shrimp doing with the Peacock Gudgeon?
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I've got around 30 running right now . 13 10's , 4 20's , 1 65 , 1 7.1 cube , a couple of homebrew cubes , 7 or 8 5's , plus a couple of tanks behind my garage where a bunch of plants are taking a 'summer vacation' pursuant to disassembling my racks and setting up a new rack system . Once upon a time , long, long ago I was up to around 65 tanks , but a move to a place with a smaller basement brought some small amount of sanity to my fishkeeping.
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Noticed you have a stag-horn fern in the background.

I love those things.
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I shall now cease feeling bad about my 4 tanks and 2 bowls and commence trolling Craigslist for a good deal on a 55.
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MTS is the best thing to catch! I'm only doing small tanks since I am on the 3rd floor of an apartment, but oh, I do dream for some day when I can have more. I'm only up to... 7 tanks with fish in it, largest being 20g. The misc planted vases don't count, right? Right.

Loving your 12g long, I've really been eyeing them, but I am positive my husband would kill me.
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